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How to take aisles online or offline
Skill required to complete this article: Software ~ WCS and level is No Skill Level Association.

KB Article to take aisles offline or online:

Get connected to the RM server for Big lots AVDC and open Chrome and paste this link
 The username and password would be

MattB / Biglots!3

Please wait for a minute before heading to the next aisle


  1. The first step would be to get connected to the site and to the WES UI as well.
  2. Navigate to the locations tab on the left and check any aisle we want to bring offline as shown below: 

  3. Find the option to “Go offline” or “Go online” on the right:
    (If you want to select all the aisles at once, select the checkbox to the left of the “name” column)


  4. Perform the operation and hit the confirm button that opens in the dialog box next.
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