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How to search voice controller logs for Ross when contState process dies.
Skill required to complete this article: Software ~ Order Fulfillment Put-To-Light and level is No Skill Level Association.

1.Login to Ross prod server found in Dashboard under remote connection tab.

2.Type 'l' enter for the log dir.

3.Type 'll' ICE* or ls -lrt ICE* to see a list of Ice blue(controller) logs or you can grep -l for the user name to find all files associated with that user.

4.Type less ICE_BLUE9.log. This is the voice controller log and you can search the log for the time mentioned by using /"put time here".

5.To view logs on the voice controller , type su - voice, password voice

6.To see the logs before the crash, type log, then cd .. to the previous directory. cont_c_log dir

8.Look at the last entry in the contMonitor.log to see which process failed.

9.Search the contState.log to find the cause of failure as well. Ex: Signal 11.

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Published on 7/18/2023.
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