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How do we troubleshoot a failed 170ENT11001 "Top Hat" Module?
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A module itself is at fault if the Master PLC is running, the Master PLC ethernet card is not in error and all network switch activity is functional (green flashing ports).  Here is the module below.

Status is detailed by Schneider Below.


Not listed above but another failure mode that was experienced is that the network lights would blink, the run light would start a moment then the module ports would all go dark.  This pattern would continue in a cycle.

To date, the above (unlisted) failure mode cannot be recovered from and the module replaced.  In additiona a 8 Flashes "Safe I/O mode" has not provided recoverable either and requires module replacement.


Finally, a 6 Flashes "Safe I/O mode" failure can be put back into running mode. 

  • Access the Ethernet Module Webpage utilizing the device MAC ID IP.  Steps detailed in KB-10337.
  • In the webpage, navigate to the "Configure Momentum" I/O.  Screen.  Again Steps detailed in KB-10337.
  • Select the last option step listed "Clear All Configuration Parameters".
  • You will get a prompt to proceed to reboot, select yes.  When asked for access password: enter "httpcfguser".
  • As prompted wait 30 seconds and the light of the module will have changed from 6 blinking to solid green.
  • From this point, the module can be reconfigured following the steps of KB-10337.




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