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How to back up and restore a SE Servo Drive Lexium 32's configuration file.
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Lexium 32 Servo Drive

It is a controller used for motion control applications where instant and precise movement from a servo motor is needed.

Intelligrated’s applications:

- Metering Belts: HS Wedges and Zippers

- Staging Belts: HS Wedges

- Gappers

- Robotics: Palletizing, Depalletizing, Packing, Unpacking, Wrapping.


Backup & Restore of a config file.


I. Tools



- SE SoMove: it is used the same as with other drives to configure, adjust, debug, and maintain the drive.



? SE USB-to-RJ45 connection cable (TCSMCNAM3M002P)

? IGS Maintenance Laptop


II. Connection

1.- Plug the RJ45 end of the connection cable into the CN7 (Modbus) port on the servo drive. 

2.- Plug the USB end of the connection cable into an available USB port on the laptop.