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Configuring Source key if the option is disabled on Studio
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Not able to configure Source key in netlok environment 


Studio designer)( v-28)


if you ever having issues with Source protection being disabled/ hidden in hscc, especially with version 28 studio designer( frito designer). There is a small trick for it. Generally you will have the source configuration tool displayed here. 



Source protection tool should be installed as a part of your studio package, version 28 however didn't have tool in it's package. 

You will need to close all your studio instances. Go to the studio protection tool and run the RsKsrcPtc as an admin, Now you can open the studio file back on and able to configure the source key again. 



I don't know if any other versions have this issue. Studio 33 and 32 worked fine and I would think this works all studio versions. I didn't test for rslogix versions. 

Most of them should have the rs5kc file listed in their installation files and tools menu



All sk's are part of your individual site folders. You will need to specify the file individually for each site if you need to open any routine. This above procedure is when you don't even get an option to configure the source protection 


After :




Before :






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