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How to:
Change the static IP address for controller at FGL
Skill required to complete this article: Software ~ Order Fulfillment Put-To-Light and level is No Skill Level Association.

1. Log into each controller 

2.Find the network interface(eth0,enp1s0,en01) being used by typing /sbin/ifconfig. /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

4.Cat the file.

5. As the root user update the "IPADDR" field and other fields if applicable using vi . 

6. Still in the root user , type reboot , Enter.

7. On the application server, ping the controller to see if it is on the network. The logs should also have an updated timestamp. 


Note: If you are not getting a ping the network lan cable maybe plugged into the wrong lane. 

8. If using Put update the launch_netlogon and launch_trak_cfg_replace scripts with the new ips.

q9icwpeasyput01:steve:/u/applic/PUT_SD/put/scr.wmos:131 > grep *
launch_netlogon:$PROJECT_DIR/bin/$ARCHITECTURE/OTHER $putadmin $PROJECT_DIR/bin/$ARCHITECTURE/NETLOGON 2002 $argv[1]

If using Pick update, config_xd, and trakMaint.  ( In line netLogon 59302 removes all static IP addresses and replace them with New ip address)
config_xd     ( In line $PROJECT_DIR/bin/configTool -p  removes all static IP addresses and replace them with New ip address )
trakMaint    ( In line $PROJECT_DIR/bin/deviceTool -p removes all static IP addresses and replace them with New ip address)

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