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Correcting 'Windows is searching for javaw.exe' error when launching BOSS HMI
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How do I fix the 'Windows is searching for javaw.exe' error that occurs when I try to launch the BOSS HMI?


  • Any Windows-based computer that has the BOSS HMI program installed.


This error occurs when the java-based BOSS HMI program attempts to launch, but is not able to locate the correct copy of the 'javaw.exe' executable in the expected Java folder.  This issue needs to be corrected by pointing the BOSS HMI shortcut at the correct version of Java.



Step 1: Make a copy of the BOSS HMI shortcut.  One easy way of doing this is to right-click the BOSS HMI on your desktop, and select the option that says 'Copy' on the menu that appears.  If you are allowed to edit the Properties of the original shortcut, skip to Step 3.


Step 2: Paste the copy that you just created to your desktop, and rename it to something relevant.


Step 3: Locate the version of Java that you want to use.  It is typically located in a folder within C:\Program Files (x86)\java



Step 4: Open the 'Properties' menu of the shortcut that you created on the Desktop (or the original BOSS HMI shortcut, if you are able to edit that one)


Step 5: Adjust the 'Target' field of this shortcut, so that it contains the filepath to the Java version detailed in Step 3.



An example for a BOSS shortcut for Java jre1.8.0 would be as follows - “C:\Program Files (x86)\java\jre1.8.0_112\bin\javaw.exe" -jar “C:\Program Files (x86)\Intelligrated\Boss HMI\launcher.jar" -d "C:\ProgramData\Intelligrated\Boss HMI" 


Step 6: Apply your changes, and then press OK to confirm them.


If these steps does not work, you can click on open file location and go to java folder and select javaw as mentioned in above steps.

When you see this pop up, click on browse and follow below step and select path from here and hit apply.

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