Article: KB-12183
How to:
Object Scanner Calibration 
Skill required to complete this article: Controls and level is No Skill Level Association.


 How to recover from Object Scanner TD not positioned correctly Fault: 



Lenze PLC

IFM Sensor




  • Below are the steps to follow to calibrate the Object Scanner camera and TD, if not aligned properly and faulted with Object Scanner Fault:


  1.  First, we need to make sure that the TD’s with empty totes( we will need at least 1 empty tote on end and top TD) is in front of channel [1,1]
  1. Home all the axis to their Home position. This is very critical in the process. [1,1] is basically home  but the calibration process wouldn't work if the axis are not homed.
  1.  Once you confirm that you have homed all axis, you can proceed for calibration only if the totes on TD are offset.
  1. To check if the totes on the TD are of level with the Channel :
  •      Move a tote from the transfer to channel and from the channel to the rack.
  • Y axis :

Make sure the distance in height of tote in the channel and TD is 0. This is very critical and needs to 0 and exact level. If it not level, Jog the TD in Y direction to the level. Follow step 5 for the procedure.


  • X axis:
  • Verify the position by centering the guidance strips of the TD with the guidance of channel.


  •       If it is not level then ask the site to move the X axis to that position. Make sure you level the X and Y before going for calibration. 

   5.   To center or move the Y to the accurate position follow,

 Step 1. Go to Manual

Step 2. Press Manual Control button

Step 3. Make sure machine is in Manual Execute

Step 4. Check Jog velocity, and decrease it to 3 or 5

Step 7. Check the position of Transfer device first.

Step 5 Enable Servos

Step 6. Jog the TD in the desired direction using these arrows, and ask site to keep check the position after each jog.

Step 7. Keep checking the position after jogging. Once it reaches to desired position

      Step 8.  Disable the servos 


  6. Once we jogged the TD on correct position, we need to calibrate the Object scanner Camera, for that  Go to PLC and open FB_ExtendedEquipment(FB) file

              Below is the location:


7. Depending on which side (Top/End) camera needs calibration, toggle the bit “XY_ObjectScanner.Calib” to False.

NOTE: For Top side go to line number 73 and toggle XY.ObjectScanner.Calibr.xCalibrated to “False”. For End Side go to Line number 77 and toggle XY.ObjectScanner.Calibr.xCalibrated to “False”. 


8.   Write this value: Go to debug and write Value


9.   Now we should check the Camera position

 Open efector for IFM sensor

 Go to Connections on the top of the screen, and click on IP Address: Below screen should popup.

     Select desired Side Object Scanner ( ICL1_ObjectScanner_End/Top, ICL2_ObjectScanner_End/Top), verify IP Address is changing beside it when you select any of them. 


Hit Connect, we can see the position of the camera now, If it is aligned properly and seeing the correct position. If not we can ask site to physically align the camera.


10. Put the machine in the production, while machine is in Resetting State, the ICL will keep waiting until the calibration has started. so Start the calibration by the commissioning page.

      If both TD’s need to be calibrated, start with Top side, otherwise choose the desired side and press the button(TOP/END) under Calibrate Camera.

Note: if you wanted to calibrate both TOP and End, make sure you hit Calibration on TOP, wait until the TOP is calibrated and then proceed to END. Don't hit both at the same time.




After finishing the calibration correctly, the ICL automatically puts GVL_PD.Equipment.Config.TD_Top/End_XY.ObjectScanner.Calibr.xCalibrated to TRUE and proceeds to the next step

  1. Note: During calibration, the TD moves 10mm to the side, 10mm to the top and bottom and finally settles at position you have calibrated the sensor to. During this process make sure you don't have any faults on the system. Else the TD will get stuck and you will have to do the Calibration trigger again.

Note : For you to complete the calibration, your servos need to be homed and moved from the home position, the routine for calibration looks for that.  If your calibration fails either the homing didn't complete, you have a fault during the calibration or your rdx and rdy values are higher than 6.

  1. After you are done with the calibration, save the values by stopping the machine or the machine resets and goes back to original state.