Article: KB-11973
How to:
Dummy out devices using the ReplaceUnitid.csh script. (Amazon)
Skill required to complete this article: Software ~ Order Fulfillment Pick-To-Light and level is No Skill Level Association.

1.Find out the sections that the user wants to dummy out by using a similar query like the one below:



2.Make an unload in the /u/easy/ep2/users/support/slai directory with the .unl extension like below:



3. Use the ReplaceUnitId.csh script with the unload created like below:


Note: When ran it will show you red color unit Ids which indicate that these are already used in the database and then white unit ids which are the ones that it will create as a dummy id for each device. These new dummy ids will be in the directory in a new file called "Dummy.(The unl. file name you specified for the unload).



4. Delete the unit ids that you will be replacing from the cntr_devices table with a query like the one below:



5. Load the dummy file that is created into the cntr_devices table like below:

6. Restart the controller associated with the section you are dumming out.