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How to change date/time on server.
Skill required to complete this article: Software ~ Order Fulfillment and level is No Skill Level Association.

When date/time on server is off, use "date" command as root to update.

#date [MMDDhhmm[[CC]YY][.ss]]

For example:

#date 0102030423

Above command will set the server time to Jan 02, 2023, at 03:04am.

Alternatively, server time can also be set the following way:

[root@catochar ~]# date +%D -s 2023-05-23
[root@catochar ~]# date +%T -s 17:59:00
[root@catochar ~]# date
Tue May 23 17:59:16 EDT 2023
[root@catochar ~]#

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