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MDR 710 Card LED Diagnostic information 
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 MDR 710 Card LED Diagnostic information 



 MDR  710 Control card



The control card has a blinking LED to indicate status.

The LED turns OFF for 0.5 seconds for every blink. Each blink is separated by the LED turning ON for 0.5 seconds. Count the number of times the LED turns OFF to determine the error code.

The table below defines the meaning of each error code. If there are multiple errors, the error codes will appear in the order they occurred, separated by the LED turning ON for 3 seconds.

For example, the following would indicate a Photo-eye Error occurred, followed by a Roller Thermal Fault error.

Each BLINK is OFF for 0.5 sec and ON for 0.5 sec. ON for 3 sec. - OFF - ON for 3 sec.- OFF/ON - OFF/ON -OFF/ON - OFF - repeat The following table describes how to interpret the control card status.


Blinking #





None required


Photo Eye Error

Clean the reflector. Check the eye alignment.


Jam Time Error

Clear the zone if jammed. Check if the polarity setting of photo-eye is correct, NPN versus PNP


Control Card Thermal Fault

Check to see if there is adequate ventilation.

Check to see if the roller is jammed or overloaded.

Check product weight. Check loading on decline beds with slider pans.

Make sure the ambient air temperature is less than 125°F.

If the card has shut off due to reaching an internal temperature of 167°F, allow the card to cool to 158°F and it will automatically reset.


Roller Thermal Fault

The drive roller stops when its internal temperature reaches 212° F.

Let the drive roller cool. When its internal temperature is below 194° F, it will restart.

Check if the roller connector is plugged in.


Roller Lock/Overcurrent Fault

Check if the zone is clear. Check if the power roller is locked by tape or debris or over-current by heavy load.

The roller will attempt to start after a ten second delay


Power Low-Voltage Error

Check to see if the voltage is below 21.5VDC.

Check to see if the power supply is overloaded.

Check the dip switch settings and voltage on the power supply.


Slave Card Error (Master mode)

Check the error status of the Slave card error indicator and resolve.


Short to Ground Fault



Hall Sensor Fault

Check motor connector and wires for any short/open connections.


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