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Reseeding the Identity Value for the MessagesContainerStatus Table
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 How to fix no diverts on all Shoe Sorters at a ICW customer site


SQL Database



Reference Incident: TS-00411380, specifically an Amazon site example

If site calls in with nothing diverting in the sorter, no D99 lane status being captured, successful barcode scan by the scanner but no S01 messages reported, and the trace files show the following error:

To confirm this is the issue, please run the following in a new query on the project DB: 

Select ident_current('MessagesContainerStatus')

If the above query returns a value over two billion then it is safe to run the DBCC command described and shown below:

Reseeding the UID value for the MessageContainerStatus table in the DB to 0 using the following query and again make sure you have the project DB selected as shown in the screenshot above:

DBCC CHECKIDENT(MessagesContainerStatus, reseed, 0)

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