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How to configure Advantys STB NIC 2212 EtherNet/IP network interface module 
Skill required to complete this article: Controls and level is Beginner.

This KB describes the auto configuration of Advantys STB NIC 2212 EtherNet/IP network interface module (NIM). If custom configuration needed, please check the attached link at the bottom of this article. 

Auto configuration process:

Auto-configuration occurs under these circumstances: 

1) Power up the network island with a factory default Network Interface Module (NIM) configuration. (If this NIM is subsequently used to create a new island, auto-configuration does not occur when that new island is powered.) 

2) Push the RST button. 


3) Force an auto-configuration using the Advantys Configuration Software.

As part of the auto-configuration process, the NIM checks each module and confirms that it has been properly connected to the island bus. The NIM stores the default operating parameters for each module in Flash memory. 

Application guide downloadable link: 


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