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Replace Defective Lenze VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)
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How to replace a defective Lenze VFD




Induction Belts




To replace a Lenze VFD:


1. Turn OFF the 480 VAC following proper lockout and tagout procedures.

2. Remove the four (4) M8 mounting bolts from the VFD.

3. Remove the EPM from the defective drive unit.

4. Confirm that all dip switches are turned off on the new drive.

5. Remove the new EPM from the new drive unit and replace with the old EPM from the defective unit.

6. Reinstall the VFD, turn ON the 480 VAC, and resume operation.


7. If the parameter set does not automatically load, use the handheld LCP (Lenze EZAEBK2001 427D337).

8. Load parameter set 1 C0002/2 = 1 to load parameters from EPM to VFD.

a. If the drive returns a "0", the parameters have loaded successfully.

b. If the drive shows a "6", parameter C0002/16 needs to be set to “0 = inhibit controller”.

9. Inhibit controller "if required" C0002/16 = 0 to "inhibit".

10. Load parameter set 1 from above.

11. Enable controller "if required" C0002/16 = 1 to "enable".

12. Power cycle VFD 24VDC and 480VAC.



Machine generated alternative text: ÖvUiilÅy EPM —#0tary Switches  


If the old EPM is defective, upload the parameters from a VFD of similar belt, load it onto the new VFD and change the node address.


- Set C0002 to 20 to save parameters from the VFD to the keypad

- Set C0002 to 10 to load parameters from the keyboard into the VFD

- Set parameter 13899/0 to the right node address



General Instructions for setting parameters using keypad: