Article: KB-12038
Hot Fix:
Troubleshoot unresponsive PLC-controlled conveyors with TopHat IOs (Walmart sites).
Skill required to complete this article: Controls and level is Beginner.


Site reported conveyance PLC-controlled lines not running and all electrical checkouts have been performed.

This has been identified as a well known fix for the MBP area at DC 6027 (Woodland, PA).


Schneider Electric, PLC, Modicon M340, Control Expert, Proworx32, TopHat.


1.- Power off the affected Control Panel.

2.- Identify the affected TopHat module(s).

3.- Leave the CP off for 5 mins solid.

4.- Have site reseat the comm adapter. Make sure it is reseated all the way in.

Site will need a small flathead screwdriver for removal.



5.- Power up the CP and test.

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Published on 12/12/2023.
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